Vehicle Painting Protection And Maintenance Tips

For any owner the looks of their new car due to its paint give a great sense of pride and satisfaction, often motivating them to maintain the paint to look great. But with the course of time this zeal is often lost and within 2-3 years the car is covered with scratches and dirt. For any automobile fanatics, maintaining the paint of their car and keeping it protected are of prime importance. Following are some tips to protect and care one’s automobile paint:

Washing the Auto

The first and foremost care an owner needs to take on regular basis is washing their car. It is so mandatory that it doesn’t even needs to be mentioned separately. Sometimes due to laziness people might refrain from washing their car. Often due to fear of accidental scratches on their car people refrain from car washes. But before going for any new car exterior service like, using compound or waxing or using clay, the car needs to be washed, thus, car owners should look for DIY paint protection kit to safeguard their paint and maintain it.

Keeping one’s auto sheltered

If one has a car shed in their premises, they should make it a point to leave their car in the shed when not being used. This will protect the car from unwanted rubbish and debris or any overspray done by pranksters. Many car owners would have faced these unpleased situations. Even the best car coating of paint, if left in sun for long hours of the day, will lose its charm and fade away. No one sits in hot sun deliberately; similarly the car should also be not left in hot sun.

Waxing the car paint

The paint of a vehicle is just like the skin on one’s body. In hot weather, the pores widen up and give chance to debris and dirt to accumulate in, leaving the paint on one’s car prone to damage. When waxing is done, one ensures that no pores are left open for dirt to accumulate in them, even in hot sun. Before waxing the car paint, one should ensure to wash their car first, so already existing dirt will be removed. Waxing also extends the life of clear coat of one’s vehicle, thus, keeping it safe from slight scratches.

Applying high quality sealer

Car sealers gained popularity in late 1980’s as till then only clear coat was used as a protection for paint. It can be considered as skin on an apple. With long term use the vehicle starts losing its sealer and clear coat, thus, again it needs to be applied. One can either do this in a paint shop spending a lot or this can be easily done at home also. One needs to ensure in either case that their car should be applied with high quality good sealant, so that the vehicle is protected from scratches or overspray.

In conclusion, one can easily maintain their car paint and protect it, keeping it looking good car like when brought first from showroom.