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Choosing The Right Towbar

Towbar is an important accessory for any vehicle. The cars or vehicles of any sort can come to a standstill any time on the road. This is when the driver requires a towbar to get connected with another vehicle that can pull it to a nearby service station. The towbars come in different forms and types. For the perfect tow bar fitting in Sydney it is important to choose it wisely. Here are some of the points to ponder before buying the right one for your vehicle.

  1. Which type to buy for my vehicle?

There are multiple types of towbars available on the market. Check that out of the following types which one suits your vehicle and the needs.

  • The conventional and the most preferred kind of the towbar is the bolt-on ball towbar. It is usually used to drive the accessories like the cycle carriers.
  • The swan neck towbar is a sophisticated option. It stays firm as it needs to be added to the vehicle through welding.

The best type is the one that is certified according to the standards set by the local administration.

  1. What is the appropriate ball height?

The height of the tow ball is of integral importance. The right towbar must have a well-placed ball. According to the towbar and vehicle security experts the preferred height of the tow ball is between 350mm and 420mm from the ground level. It is now easy to get the towbar that is adjustable. The user can easily adjust the height of the bar whether using it for on-road towing or for an off-road drive.

  1. How high should be the coupling device?

While the vehicle is being towed it is very important to keep it stable. There are two positions that need to be maintained. Either the caravan has to be levelled or it has to be slightly lowered down when it is not moving.

  1. How important is the horizontal clearance?

Horizontal clearance means that a there must be a safe distance of 65mm between the tow ball centre and the vertical part of the vehicle. This idea is not supported for the off-road vehicles.

  1. Should I consider the noseweight?

When the vehicle is stationary the caravan would exert a pressure in the downward direction. This is called the noseweight. Check that the towbar you are getting has the noseweight that is not more than 7 per cent of the downward weight of the caravan. In case of the 4×4 vehicles this weight is 100 kg minimum and can exceed this as well.

  1. Is my number plate visible?

The number plate is actually like the identity card for the vehicle. Don’t get a towbar that is obstructing the view of the number plate. Each number must be clear while the vehicle is on the road. The purpose of the towbar is to keep the car safe and not to challenge its reliability and credibility by obscuring the number plate. Go right here to find out more details.