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How Are Off Road Caravans Different From Regular Caravans?

There is no denial about the progression of man in almost every field of life. Human beings have faced many disasters over the decades and fortunately with the passage of time, they have come with the solution to face those disasters as well. The whole globalization of the world and access of almost everything are just few examples of human advancements. Man has not left any field underdeveloped; be it the field of medicine or the construction. It goes similarly for the field of transportation as well. Transport has been made easier than ever before. Once travelling was considered as the most hectic task but now travelling is like a hobby for most people; this all is obviously due the advancements in the respective field. We can travel across the world within few hours or at most within two to three days. There are many different types of vehicles for transport purposes. One such vehicle or we might say as the accessory of a vehicle is caravan. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between off road caravans and regular caravans.


You must have been familiar with the idea of caravans but we still like to define it in our words. Caravan can be defined as a kind of a vehicle that provides the comfort of a house. It is like an in built house that has its own room, kitchen and in some cases bathroom as well. Obviously, the facilities differ from caravan to caravan but on the whole we can say that the purpose of a caravan is to provide you with a space to live temporarily. Some people name caravan as a vehicle itself while others call it as an accessory of a vehicle because caravans are towed with another vehicle which makes the caravan move.

How are off-road caravans different from regular caravans?

Caravans are divided into different categories based on the facilities provided and the properties of the particular caravan. One such type of caravan is off road caravans. As the name implies, off road caravans are built with the purpose of moving them in off road places. These caravans are built in such a way that they can easily move through the rough patches or places. The base frame of the car is quite heavy which enables the caravan to easily move through the rough patches. They have quite heavy duty shock absorbers and their brakes are also well advanced. They are built in way that they can easily be moved through the off road places.


It won’t be incorrect to say that off road caravans are built for the adventurous people who like to go on to the rural areas or adventurous places where you would know that there would not be any roads there. You can buy or rent the off road caravans and other types of caravans from “Fantasy caravan” who are well known for producing luxurious caravans.