How To Keep Your Car In Perfect Condition For As Long As Possible

Have you just got a new vehicle? Would you like to keep it at its present brand new condition, as long as you can? Then here are a few tips for you to try… 

Take a care where you park your vehicle

If you are used to rushing for meetings or parking in the first available space when you go shopping, only because you are in too much of a hurry to get to your appointment or too impatient, then chances are that you might come back to a damaged vehicle. How you park as well as where you park plays a large part when you are trying to keep your vehicle in mint condition. Remember to keep the surrounding nature in mind when you park as well. You can’t really blame the kids for breaking a side mirror if you park too close to their playground or within their “throwing” distance…

Never keep the minor repairs; it’ll only cost your more

Have you ever found a repair in your vehicle, and decided not to get to it right then, simply because it wasn’t an emergency? If you have, then you would know that before long, that simple repair had turned into something much bigger; before you even realized. Things like the need to good repair car glass in particular fall into this category. It is always advisable fixing that which needs to be fixed, however minor, before it blows into something bigger and costlier. 

Eating and drinking in your vehicle

Maybe you haven’t come to the stage where you would have to get the help of car & truck windscreen services. Perhaps your vehicle is still relatively new. But even from the first day, you should be cautious about eating and drinking in the vehicle. For sure, we know that not eating or drinking at all in the vehicle is impossible; especially if you are someone who spends a lot of time travelling. Our suggestion; try to avoid foods that will flake all over your seats and invest on an adult sippy-cup that will allow you to drink without spilling.

In the event of children or toddler like pets

A car in mint condition is nearly impossible if you have children. Even if you don’t have children of your own, if you have neighbors or nieces and nephews that you babysit, chances are that they might be in and out of your vehicle more often than you’d like. In this case, take the precaution of seat covers and car floor mats to protect your seats and floors from sticky fingers or muddy shoes. The same applies if you have a toddler like pet who loves riding along with you where ever you go…