Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

Summer time calls for shorts, BBQ parties, beach, and best of all – road trips! Plenty of amazing road trips wait you this summer, yet before you gas up and get driving, you should make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Much the same as winter climate, amazingly warm temperatures likewise impact how your vehicle work. So how can you make sure your vehicle is summer ready? Read through.

Check the tires

Tires are the absolute most essential piece of your vehicle. They have a serious effect on safety and performance, and they’re one of the few parts of your vehicle which can kill you if you neglect them. If you have a specialized set of winter and summer tires, examine these sets of rubber before you take them out for its seasonal jobs or store them in till next summer. Regardless of the possibility that you use tires fit for all seasons, check for air bubbles in the sidewalls, unevenly ragged out areas, or wear bars. Check the air pressures and keep your spare wheel ready.

Are the brake pads fit enough?

Winter traffic in most cases is much easy than traffic during summer, and once heavy snow falls down, your brakes go through quite a lot. Brake pads usually go through unusual thermal cycling — huge temperature changes as heat generated from using confront freezing water. Removing your tires regularly helps to inspect brake pads. In case you’re technically savvy, take off the brake pads and look for visible wear and breaking; even if not, check if edges are stained and that the brake drums or rotors have no serious cracking. If you think that you notice any disturbing changes get your car care professionals to check your outer car, brake pads and replace them if necessary.

A quick inspection might come in handy

Ideally before winter and right before summer, be proactive and get car detailing done by ensuring consistently excellent results. Check oil levels, power steering fluid, brake fluids, battery, air filters, belts, wind shield wipers and lights to spot little issues before they turn out to be ones that could make you call off your road trip. Check coolant levels, top off your power steering.

Is your battery up to date?

What you might probably not know is that vehicle batteries will probably die under the harsh heat of summer. Is you battery more than three years old? Is so get it examined, or it may be a smart move to keep a spare battery with you.